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  • Andy Husbands


    Andy Husbands, the award-winning Chef/Owner of Tremont 647, has been enticing patrons with his adventurous American cuisine at the South End neighborhood restaurant for 21 years. Chef Husbands has been praised both locally and nationally for his bold flavors, commitment to using the best, fresh ingredients and seasonality, receiving nods from countless publications, from the Boston Globe and Boston Magazine to Wine Spectator and Star Chefs. Chef Husbands also competed in the 6th season of Fox Television Network’s “Hell’s Kitchen” hosted by Gordon Ramsay. But his TV fame didn’t stop there, he was also contestant on Food Networks, Chopped Grill Masters in...

  • Melissa Cawley

    Chef De Cuisine

    Melissa Cawley, brunch enthusiast, attended Le Cordon Bleu College in Boston and graduated in 2012. Within a year, she personally asked chef Andy Husbands if she could join his team. Starting as a line cook, Melissa worked her way up to Jr. Sous chef and is now our Chef De Cuisine.

    When she’s not working or eating slices of pizza, Melissa enjoys Twisted Tea and the comfort of her couch.

  • Jorge Ruiz

    General Manager

    Jorge Ruiz has been working in the restaurant industry for over 8 years. In the past year, he made his presence as Assistant General Manager known as our unofficial and professional chalkboard artist and leading the charge on updating the look of Sister Sorel (hello blue walls!).  Who knows what he’ll bring to the team now that he is manning the helm as General Manager.

    Jorge’s preferred drink of choice is a manhattan. He also enjoys long walks in the moonlight with his dog Lucas.

  • Chris Jordan

    Sous Chef

    Chris is the newest addition to our team. He has been thriving in the culinary industry for the past 15-20 years. With roots originating in the pastry world, Chef Chris has fallen in love with the kitchen. Crafting up the most beautiful dishes, he has been a great asset to our team.

    On his days off, you can find Chris head bobbing to J-Cole and dancing on the red line.