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Steel n’ Rye.

Craigie on Main.

La Morra.


These are a few of Andy’s favorite things.

A few weeks back, Haute Living caught up with our very own Andy Husbands to talk about some of his favorite spots in the Boston area as part of their Haute Secrets column.  So let’s talk about some of his favorite things…and we’d love to hear about yours!

Uniform: Andy is a tried and true Uniform client.  Andy’s modus operandi for shopping: find a place where they know you, your style, and can make suggestions based on past purchases.  Gary and his team are always super helpful calling out some favorite items. And a bonus to shopping at stores who know you?  It makes selecting a gift for Andy a piece of cake for Andy’s wife.

Steel n’ Rye, Craigie on Main, La Morra, Dante: How does a chef choose some of his favorite spots to dine when we live in such a world class dining city? It isn’t easy.  Steel n’ Rye is worth a trip outside the immediate Boston area.  It is a favorite of Andy’s and holds a special place in his heart (date spot with the wife).  The food is always spot on.  Craigie on Main …I mean the burger is phenomenal and the reason it sells out so darn fast.  Technically perfectly cooked food!  La Morra is the home to Tom Brady’s favorite bolognese (and Andy’s wife has a weak spot for their bolognese).  Enough said.  And with Dante, they have refined service, great wine list, and beautiful views of the city.

Andy’s other passion is music.  He has a collection of vinyl at home and an old 1950s Magnavox record player.  So when asked what his favorite cultural event in the city of Boston is?  Of course the answer has to be Boston Calling.  “We are so lucky to have had the team behind the festival bring live music on that scale to the Boston area,” says Husbands.

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