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March 6th-18th

3 Course Dinner $33

Bonus items available Sunday/Monday/Wednesday

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Smoked Tomato Bisque — cheddar jalapeno biscuit croutons, chive oil

Shaved Salad — creamy dill vinaigrette, pine nuts, crispy shallots

Grilled Asparagus Toast — housemade ricotta, mustard seed vinaigrette, crispy pancetta on grilled focaccia

Shrimp & Crab Eggroll — chopped shrimp & crab, chopped fava beans, scallions, Andy’s fermented sweet chili sauce

American Lamb Meatballs — cumin yogurt, quinoa tabouli, peas, shitakes, cucumber

Spring Salad — charred spring onion vinaigrette, shaved snap peas, fennel, avocado, queso fresco, pita crisps

Bonus items: Sunday/Monday/Wednesday

Lobster Mac  ritz crackers, chives

Korean Beef Dumplings  soy sake dipping sauce



Herb Roasted Salmon — herb rub and baked, with spring pea puree, spring bean & citrus salad

Grass-Fed 1/2 LB Burger Daddy  — fries, secret sauce, house-made pickles (optional: cheddar, bacon)

Fried Chicken — collards, cornbread with honey butter, 3 chili gravy

Molly’s Nuevo 2.0 Adobo Marinated Tofu Tacos — amarillo crema, pickled red cabbage, radishes, cilantro rice & black beans

Braised Pork Ragu — house fettuccine, parmesan, garlic breadcrumbs

Bonus items: Sunday/Monday/Wednesday

Steak Frites — grilled asparagus, red wine braised mushroom sauce, rosemary parmesan fries

Pan Seared Black Bass — stewed white beans with chorizo and pea tendrils, preserved lemon relish



Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp — polenta crisp topping, butter almond ice cream

Heath Bar Brownie — dark chocolate icing, cappuccino ice cream

Clementine Pound Cake  — pistachios, local honey creme fraiche

Bonus item Sunday/Monday/Wednesday

Banana Cream Pie chocolate & caramel, chocolate almond bacon bark