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A Holiday Cocktail ~ Courtesy of Tatiana Lav


– 2.5 oz Absolute Vodka

– 1 oz Chambord

– 4 fresh raspberries

– 4 blackberries

– 3 rosemary strings

– lemon juice

– Cardamon bitters



Muddle raspverries, blackberries and rosemary all together. Then add Absolute Vodka, Chambord, a splash of lemon juice and a dash of Cardamon bitters.

Slightly shake it once then stir the mixture in a shaker for 1-2 minutes. The ingredient cannot be shaken hard because of the fresh berries (the cocktail will become foamy). Double strain it into a cocktail glass and serve over ice.

Garnish with berries and a rosemary string and you’ve got yourself a delicious holiday cocktail!