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Monday, January 18th, join us for our annual Tapas Challenge! This year the Sous Chefs are battling it out for your votes. The participating chefs include our very own, Molly Dwyer, Mark Bestmann of Coppa and Nicco Muratore of Commonwealth. Each chef will create a dish for a first, second and third course. The catch? Each course contains a common ingredient which the chefs must then incorporate into their dish.  The first course will be a root vegetable dish, the second a hake dish and the third will contain pork. The diners or our guests (that’s you) will judge each course based on taste, presentation and creativity.

There can only be one winner. Who do you think will walk away with this year’s title? Doors open at 6pm, Monday, January 18th. Call 617-266-4600 to make reservations or visit the link provided.


We hope to see you there!